Innovative fastening solutions

GAMING Engineering is the new player specialized in the design & manufacturing
of mechanical components for industrial series  applications. The activity of the company
mainly focuses on the development of solutions adapted to the new expectations of high
volume markets, and more particularly automotive industry.


GAMING new rules
Innovation department

« GAMING new rules » is the innovation department in charge of the designing and launching on the market of fastening solutions whose aim is to become the new assembly standards for industries and particularly automotive industry.

  • Optimization of time & total cost of assembly (direct and indirect), with the quickest ROI,
  • Provision of new fastening processes adapted to new expectations
  • Simplification at the utmost of assemblies

GAMING bespoke
Customer support department

Design of specific solutions based on the result of the detail analysis of your needs : functional targets, industrial objectives, risk analysis…

  • Optimization of implementation process
  • Reinforcement of reliability
  • Price reduction of components

GAMING efficiency
Manufacturing department

High speed production made from manufacturing means redesigned to boost productivity & reliability (ex: hybrid bar turning | Innovative cold  forming tools).

  • Cold & warm forming
  • Bar-turning
  • Automatic completion process,

For GAMING, the best prices are nothing but the logical consequence of an ambitious & stable industrialization.


The new rules of the game

As an emerging player, GAMING has to challenge the established rules by proposing its customers innovative solutions to make its offer different from the current ones of the market.


1 _ Automotive industry: Cars & Trucks  


2 _ Aeronautic industry


  • A good fastening solution must allow to simplify at the utmost the assembly procedures,
  • Adaptation of assembly systems is a key to reach the lightweighting goals of the automotive industry,
  • Breakthroughs in assembly technologies can be a source of significant productivity with quick ROI,
  • To become a future assembly standard, an innovation must bring a real improvement in technical and functional fields, motivated by the notion of useful progress,
  • Achievement of cost reduction targets involve the using of smart fastening solutions capable to reduce the “takt times”. The implementation process representing the biggest part of the total assembly costs!
  • The current purchasing costs can be reduce without deny the quality requirements for a large number of automotive parts & fasteners ; thanks to leaps of technology in the processes adapted to the manufacturing of fasteners: high speed forming & turning processes.
Fastening solutions, motor industry
Passion is our first engine!

Be one step ahead by making your assemblies with innovative fasteners that will be tomorrow’s standards.


1 _ Express your needs!

  • Your requirements for mechanical performances,
  • Your industrial targets,
  • Your issues in term of reliability,
  • Your imperious goals of cost reduction,

2 _ Challenge the new player in the tiny world of fastening!

  • To benefit of an other fastening approach,
  • To boost your productivity with creative solutions,
  • To choose reactivity for immediate gains
  • To get significant results to concretize your new ambitions,

3 _ Estimate your winnings!

  • Appreciate the industrial relevance of the new assembly technology,
  • Assess new levels of mechanical & industrial performances,
  • Evaluate precisely your earning on your purchasing & manufacturing costs
  • Check the reliability in assembly conditions,

4 _ Qualify the efficient of new fastening solutions!

  • Measure the efficient of fasteners on your applications,
  • Characterize & warrant the mechanical performances in your industrial conditions,
  • Approve the fastening process efficacy,
  • Validate your new economical equation & confirmed your potential of real gains.

5 _ Make your assemblies in the best productivity conditions!