To put it in a nutshell, the cold-forming press functioning principle can be brought down to its closing kinematics and its transfer. As a plastic injection press, the cold-forming press only ensures the closing movement of the implemented tooling. This tooling made of several stations will guaranty the making, the geometrical quality and the manufacturing cadency of the parts. It concentrates the whole know-how.  

Keen on technical mastership and innovation, GAMING fully designs its own cold-forming tools, a combined approach which has already proved efficient:  

1 _ Stability of the manufacturing process thanks to stronger tooling, whose ingenious conception enables a high increase in life length (up to 1 500 000 cycles without breakage) ; hence an improved productivity and quality.

2 _ Production costs decrease due to cold-forming manufacturing of components which used to be made in bar turning or rolling. Plastic inserts and compression limiters are concrete examples of having converted to the cold-forming process. As a result, quality has greatly improved and selling prices have significantly decreased.  

3 _ Manufacturing in high-speed of complex parts by using new system of open die forging process.


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