Optimizing the price of fastening components will always help to reduce costs,
but if you want to achieve maximum savings, it is imperative to set up fixing
solutions that limit investment levels, operating time, and more broadly that are
capable of reducing overall process costs.


Boost your competitiveness with bespoke fastening solutions specifically design for your projects.

As for its own projects, GAMING is aware that the competitiveness and reliability of your products are determined as early as they are conceived. So we suggest a technical partnership as soon as possible in the engineering process. This collaboration aims at guiding you in making the best choices in terms of assembly, thus enabling you to select the technical solutions the best adapted to your projects at stake.


Understanding your needs enables us to develop for you optimized fastening components: their design will help implement the simplest and quickest assembly process, key to your manufacturing productivity. Many studies on assembly cost show that on this average, the fastening component part amounts to 20% of the cost and the process part to 80%. Consequently, it’s highly recommended not to neglect this industrialization following the fastening choice.


Even if this statement has become one of the strongest fundamentals in the fastening field, GAMING will not limit its analysis to these ratios or other generalities. What is most interesting to design assembly solutions that will best fit your needs are your own project expectations and the industrial parameters specific to your production workshops.


Step 1:   Project study
_ Understanding objectives,
Technical & economical analysis of your designs and manufacturing process considered at that point,


Step 2:   Design & selection of fastening solutions
_ Presentation of a fastening file with technical & economical analysis,
_ Selection with your R&D & purchase team of the solution which will offer the best technical & economical balance,


Step 3:   technical validation

_ Definition of a qualification program,
_ Prototypes manufacturing,
_ Tests in application conditions,
_ Test report,
_ Final technical validation & quality commitment,

Call our technical support & measure the effectiveness!

Benefits due to this project collaboration:  


_ Speeding up design step,
_ Simplification of assembly processes,
_ Massive reduction of level of investment,
_ Optimization of component prices (GAMING efficiency),
_ Reliability of assemblies,
_ Standardization of assemblies,
_ Significant reduction of assembly costs and more generally your product or sub-assembly cost prices

Example of application :

Automotive crossmember :

Main benefits generated thanks to GAMING bespoke approach

Less operations:

_ Elimination of handling operation at press output,
_ Suppression of water jet cutting operation, to make hole for fasteners,
_ Elimination of second handling operation,
_ Suppression of fasteners implementation operations (threaded inserts & compression limiters),

Investment optimization:

_ No investment in water jet cutting machine,
_ No investment in crimping or bonding equipment to set fasteners,

Labor cost:

_ Zero post-operation and so no complementary production operator, just a technician to manage the injection molding machine (shared on several machines),


_ – 200 000 € on the investment envelop,
_ – 65 second of labor per crossmember,
_ Simplification & securisation of the manufacturing process,