Optimizing the purchase

cost of turning or forming

parts, thanks to innovative

high-cadency means, developed

by .


Manufacturing expertise:

  • Cold & warm forming,
  • Bar turning,
  • Automatic completion process: Rolling & Machining



Saving approach based:

_ on purchasing analysis 
_ on components themselves,
_ on the manufacturing process of parts,
_ on the technical data related to components  


1 – Express your purchasing needs!

  • Send your technical drawings
  • Set your saving goals
  • Establish your quality assurance requirements
  • Define your purchasing T & C

2 – Challenge these new manufacturing processes!

  • To get a quick saving on purchase cost without any design evolution,
  • To boost your productivity through creative manufacturing technologies,
  • To get significant results to concretize your purchasing targets,

3 – Estimate your winnings!

  • Evaluate precisely your earning
  • Appreciate the relevance of the overall offer

4 – Ensure the concretization of your earning!

  • Qualification of performances & characteristics
  • Inspection & certification of manufacturing process
  • Compliance between quality insurance requirements & process,

5 – Make your supplies in the best economic conditions!

Clearly, why can GAMING offer lower prices?

_ a big experience in manufacturing process,
_ a know-how to design ingenious forming tools,
_ a capacity to develop efficiently in-house special machines adapted to high cadences,
_ a competence to develop ambitious & stable processes for mass applications,
_ a large knowledge of mechanical parts & mainly fasteners,
_ an ability to innovate in manufacturing process