Bar turning productions are competitive due to two great equipment families: multi-spines cam and CNC machineries. The latter, mainly for flexibility reasons overcomes aging multispines cam machineries. However, the level of reliability and manufacturing cadency of the former haven’t yet been equaled.

Today, the level of shape parts complexity implies to select necessarily CNC bar turning machinery.

This technological leap has a consequence on manufacturing cost, those machineries do enable more complex manufacturing parts, their production speed is often lower, their purchase cost superior and their running cost much higher.

Choosing to select the number of axis numerically-managed, the limit of the complexity level beyond which CNC machinery can’t be avoided, has been pushed forward.  The clever combination of those two technologies makes it possible to achieve new performances in the manufacturing of parts which were considered up to now too complex to be realized in the best productivity conditions.

GAMING engineering department works then hand in hand with R-TECH company to design & adapt hybrid machineries which will potentially reduce the costs for the customers.

Ask a quotation to value in your
turn the saving that this hybrid
solution can bring for your
portfolio of turning parts !

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