Multi-material designs : the new rules in automotive industry.

Main targets:

Light weight & Mass reduction:

  • Low consumption,
  • Reduction of emissions,
  • Autonomy improvement (In particular of electric vehicles),

Structural reinforcement & Architecture evolutions,

  • Dynamic performances improvement
  • Adaptation to new safety standards,

Reduction of numbers of parts,

  • By using plastic or composite parts which enable to replace several metallic pieces into one

If the multi-material designs are a source of large optimization of the automotive performances, there implementation in practice is obstructed by technical assembly difficulties & economical issues.

The current fastening characteristics aren’t in line with automotive industry’s targets,
in particular the strong will of challenging the multi-material assembly …

_ without making big industrial investments,

_ without revolutionizing the organization of Body In White workshop.


Electric Resistance Welding INsert

Fastening solutions for multi-material

ERWin +

Electric Resistance Welding Insert With additional anchoring point

Fastening solutions for multimaterial assemblies & one-shot functionalization for lightweight composite parts

Composite materials: based on thermoplastic or thermosetting matrix, with long fibers reinforcement, structured or not.

Plastics: injected with no reinforcement or with short reinforcements.

New generations of steel with high performances.